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Your name is the GRAND CHASE FANDOM and you have a weapon for every occasion. Your chumhandle is graciousChampion. People call you Chase or GC. You are probably the MOST popular mmo in all of South Korea and Brazil. You tend to be cocky at any sort of challenge and if you lose you will immediately blame it on lag. Your favorite activities are fighting, sleeping, eating, and singing K-Pop. You don't really know anyone but you are excited to meet some new friends!
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Lord of Light
Prospit Dreamer
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fairytail-ravemaster-rwby-fandom sent: ❥ Oh, before i go, becarefull with Vocaloid if you see her. Her and Rave are expecting.

GC: Whatever yo, you got my word i won’t do anything i’ll regret.

ask-vocaloid-fandom sent: VF: Chase? You here?

You held your mouth but answered the door. Your face was pale and you looked as though you hadn’t slept in days. Probably because you did just lose both your moirails and matesprit in one foul swoop. Nice to know you had one quad still left. Of course you wouldn’t say this out loud. You just stared at he with a weak smile.

GC: Y-Yeah… I-I’m here…

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Sieghart: /muffled laughter in the distance/